Israel Adesanya’s Persuasive Tactics to Secure Sean Strickland’s Unexpected Title Shot

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Israel Adesanya’s Persuasive Tactics to Secure Sean Strickland’s Unexpected Title Shot

# Israel Adesanya’s Persuasive Tactics to Secure Sean Strickland’s Unexpected Title Shot #


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans were taken by surprise when Israel Adesanya, the reigning middleweight champion, announced that Sean Strickland would be his next opponent for the title shot. Strickland’s rise to the top was unexpected, leaving many wondering how Adesanya was convinced to grant him the opportunity. In this article, we will delve into the persuasive tactics employed by Adesanya to secure Strickland’s unexpected title shot. From leveraging his influence to highlighting Strickland’s skills, Adesanya’s masterful strategy showcases his ability not only inside the octagon but also in the realm of negotiation.

1. Using Influence and Visibility

One of the primary tactics employed by Adesanya was leveraging his influence and visibility as a champion to advocate for Sean Strickland’s title shot. Adesanya recognized that his position as the middleweight champion granted him a significant voice within the MMA community. By continuously speaking highly of Strickland in interviews and press conferences, Adesanya created a buzz around his potential opponent and planted the seed in the minds of fans and the UFC management.

Adesanya’s visibility in the media also played a crucial role in boosting Strickland’s profile. Through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Adesanya showcased his admiration for Strickland’s fighting skills and shared highlight reels of his opponent’s victories. This strategic move allowed Strickland’s name to gain recognition among fans who avidly follow Adesanya’s posts. As a result, Strickland gradually became an intriguing contender in the eyes of MMA enthusiasts and experts alike.

2. Highlighting Strickland’s Skills and Record

Adesanya’s persuasive tactics involved showcasing Sean Strickland’s undeniable skills and impressive professional record to further strengthen his case for a title shot. Using his platform, Adesanya highlighted Strickland’s strengths, such as his powerful striking, aggressive fighting style, and his ability to dominate opponents within the octagon. By emphasizing these aspects, Adesanya not only garnered attention toward Strickland’s potential but also praised his abilities, making it difficult for critics to dispute his position as the next worthy challenger.

Additionally, Adesanya strategically emphasized Strickland’s impeccable record, showcasing his consecutive wins and finishes in recent fights. He highlighted how Strickland had overcome formidable opponents, proving his readiness to step into the octagon against the middleweight champion. Through this tactic, Adesanya aimed to build the narrative that Strickland had earned his shot at the title due to his consistent performance and deserving record.

3. Capitalizing on the Unexpected and Hidden Potential

Another persuasive tactic employed by Adesanya revolved around capitalizing on the unexpected and hidden potential within the matchup between himself and Sean Strickland. Adesanya realized that unexpected challenges could often ignite the passion of both fighters and intrigue fans. By framing Strickland as an underdog with hidden potential, Adesanya built anticipation around the matchup, enticing fans with the prospect of witnessing an unlikely upset.

Adesanya amplified this narrative by stating that he saw something unique and special in Strickland – something the public had yet to fully recognize. This added layer of mystery and hidden talent only deepened the intrigue surrounding the fight and intensified the desire to see the two face off in the octagon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How did Israel Adesanya convince the UFC to grant Sean Strickland a title shot?

Answer: Israel Adesanya employed persuasive tactics that included leveraging his influence and visibility, highlighting Strickland’s skills and record, and capitalizing on the unexpected and hidden potential of the matchup.

2. Did Sean Strickland’s record play a role in securing his title shot?

Answer: Yes, Adesanya strategically highlighted Strickland’s impeccable record, focusing on his consecutive wins and finishes. This emphasized Strickland’s deserving position as a top contender in the middleweight division.

3. How did Adesanya’s use of social media benefit Strickland’s chances?

Answer: Adesanya’s active presence on social media allowed him to showcase Strickland’s skills, share highlights of his victories, and create buzz around his potential as a title challenger. This helped increase Strickland’s visibility and popularity among MMA fans.


Israel Adesanya’s persuasive tactics to secure Sean Strickland’s unexpected title shot demonstrate his mastery not only inside the octagon but also in the art of negotiation. By leveraging his influence, highlighting Strickland’s skills and record, and capitalizing on the unexpected and hidden potential of the matchup, Adesanya successfully convinced the UFC and fans that Strickland deserved the opportunity to challenge for the middleweight title. This showcases Adesanya’s ability to use his platform to advocate for worthy contenders and create excitement within the MMA community. As fans eagerly anticipate the showdown between Adesanya and Strickland, one cannot help but acknowledge the persuasive prowess of the reigning middleweight champion.[4]

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