Aston Villa’s John McGinn set to embark on emotional Hibernian homecoming

John McGinn Aston Villa
Aston Villa’s John McGinn set to embark on emotional Hibernian homecoming

Aston Villa’s John McGinn set to embark on emotional Hibernian homecoming

John McGinn, the talented midfielder for Aston Villa, is set to experience an incredibly emotional homecoming as he returns to Hibernian, the club where he made a name for himself in Scottish football. The anticipation of this reunion is high, with fans eagerly awaiting his arrival at Easter Road.

McGinn’s Hibernian Journey

John McGinn’s journey in professional football began at Hibernian, where he cemented his place as a key player in the heart of the midfield. His skill, work ethic, and passion quickly endeared him to the Hibs faithful, and he became a fan favorite during his time at the club.

A Move to Aston Villa

After catching the eye of scouts from various clubs, McGinn secured a move to Aston Villa in 2018, joining the English side for a reported fee of £2.75 million. He adapted seamlessly to the challenges of the Championship and played a crucial role in Aston Villa’s promotion to the Premier League in the 2018-2019 season. McGinn’s performances garnered praise from both teammates and pundits, further solidifying his reputation as an exceptional player.

An Emotional Reunion

Now, with Aston Villa scheduled to face Hibernian in a pre-season friendly, John McGinn will have the opportunity to return to the club and stadium that hold a special place in his heart. This reunion promises to be an emotional one, as McGinn will be welcomed back by fans who still hold him in high regard.

Fans’ Anticipation

The anticipation among Hibernian supporters for John McGinn’s return is palpable. Many fans consider him one of the club’s own, despite his move to the English Premier League. The opportunity to see him play again in the green and white of Hibernian is something fans have been eagerly anticipating since the friendly was announced.

A Chance to Reflect

This homecoming also presents an occasion for McGinn to reflect on his growth as a player. Returning to where it all began can be a nostalgic experience, making him appreciate how far he has come in his career. It is a chance for him to reconnect with the club that shaped him into the player he is today.


John McGinn’s emotional homecoming to Hibernian is a momentous occasion for both the player and the fans. Reflecting on his journey from Hibernian to Aston Villa, this reunion is an opportunity for McGinn to acknowledge his roots and express his gratitude to the club and its supporters. As fans eagerly await his return, this game will undoubtedly be a special one, filled with emotions and memories.

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