Dominick Reyes’ Near-Death Experience Revealed as Blood Clots Sideline Him from UFC Return

blood clots Dominick Reyes
Dominick Reyes’ Near-Death Experience Revealed as Blood Clots Sideline Him from UFC Return

Dominick Reyes’ Near-Death Experience Revealed as Blood Clots Sideline Him from UFC Return

The Setback

Dominick Reyes, former UFC light heavyweight contender, recently revealed his near-death experience that has since prevented him from making his much-anticipated return to the octagon. The 31-year-old athlete announced that he was diagnosed with blood clots, which resulted in his withdrawal from his scheduled fight, causing disappointment among his fans and fellow fighters alike.

A Life-Threatening Condition

Blood clots are a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur when the blood coagulates and forms clumps, obstructing blood flow through the veins or arteries. In Reyes’ case, these blood clots affected crucial blood vessels, necessitating immediate medical attention. The severity of the condition and the potential risks it poses to his health were, without a doubt, a significant factor in the decision to sideline him from the UFC.

Unexpected Revelations

While many fans and the wider MMA community were unaware of Reyes’ health struggles, the light heavyweight fighter bravely shared his condition, shedding light on the reality of professional athletes facing health challenges behind the scenes. Reyes emphasized that, despite his physical and mental strength as an elite fighter, blood clots can affect anyone, irrespective of their fitness or overall health. This revelation serves as a reminder that athletes, just like anyone else, are vulnerable to various medical conditions.

Postponed Return

The diagnosis of blood clots came as a significant blow to Dominick Reyes, as he had been eagerly preparing to make his return to the UFC. Having suffered a devastating loss to Jan Blachowicz in their title fight back in September 2020, Reyes was determined to redeem himself and work his way back to the top of the light heavyweight division. However, due to this unforeseen health issue, Reyes now faces an extended period of recovery and rehabilitation, further delaying his comeback.

Support from the MMA Community

In response to Reyes’ revelation, the MMA community quickly rallied around him, offering their support and encouragement during this challenging time. Many fellow fighters and fans took to social media to send well wishes and express their hope for a full recovery. This show of solidarity demonstrates the close-knit nature of the MMA world and the unwavering support athletes receive from their peers.

A Cautionary Tale

Dominick Reyes’ near-death experience serves as a cautionary tale for athletes and fans alike. It highlights the importance of regular health check-ups and the need to prioritize overall wellbeing. While athletes often push their bodies to the limits in pursuit of success, it is crucial not to overlook potential health issues that may lurk beneath the surface. Blood clots, as revealed in Reyes’ case, can strike without warning and have severe consequences if untreated.


As Dominick Reyes continues his recovery and begins his journey back to the octagon, it is essential for fans and the wider sporting community to remember the fragility of the human body and the potential challenges athletes face behind the glamour of competition. By shedding light on his health struggles, Reyes has not only brought attention to blood clots but has also demonstrated his resilience and determination to overcome adversity. As fans eagerly await his return, the MMA community stands united in support, hoping to see Reyes back in action soon.

Summary: Dominick Reyes, former UFC light heavyweight contender, has been sidelined from his return to the octagon due to blood clots. This near-death experience has shed light on the potential health challenges that athletes face and serves as a cautionary reminder of the importance of regular health check-ups. The MMA community has rallied around Reyes, offering support and encouragement during his recovery. As he works towards his comeback, fans eagerly await his return to the octagon.[5]

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