Excl. Luis Rubiales interview: Commitment to Fulfilling Players’ Demands

everything they ask for Excl. Luis Rubiales interview: Commitment to Fulfilling Players
Excl. Luis Rubiales interview: Commitment to Fulfilling Players’ Demands

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Luis Rubiales on Commitment to Fulfilling Players’ Demands

Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), sat down with us to discuss his commitment to fulfilling the demands of the players. In this exclusive interview, Rubiales elaborates on the steps being taken to ensure that the needs and concerns of the athletes are not only heard but also addressed effectively.

Since taking office in 2018, Rubiales has been a vocal advocate for player rights. He firmly believes that meeting the demands set forth by the athletes is crucial in maintaining a harmonious and sustainable football ecosystem. “We understand that the players are the backbone of our sport, and their well-being is of utmost importance,” Rubiales emphasizes.

Commitment to Dialogue and Collaboration

Rubiales recognizes the significance of open communication and collaboration in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. “We have established a framework that allows us to engage in meaningful discussions with the players’ representatives,” he explains. Through regular dialogues and negotiations, the RFEF aims to address the concerns and aspirations of the players in a way that benefits both parties.

“We have created a platform for the players to voice their demands and provide suggestions,” Rubiales reveals. This platform ensures that the players have a direct line of communication with the federation, enabling them to express their needs and expectations freely.

Investing in Player Welfare

One of the key areas of focus for Rubiales and the RFEF is the overall welfare of the players. The federation is committed to implementing measures that prioritize the health and well-being of the athletes, both on and off the field.

“We have increased our investment in medical support and sports science,” Rubiales shares. The RFEF has established partnerships with leading healthcare institutions and experts to provide comprehensive medical and psychological support to players. Additionally, the federation ensures that proper rehabilitation programs are in place to aid in the recovery of injured athletes.

Improving Working Conditions

Rubiales acknowledges that better working conditions are essential in promoting the overall satisfaction and productivity of the players. “We are continuously working to improve training facilities, accommodation, and travel arrangements for the athletes,” he states. The RFEF is actively collaborating with clubs and associations to provide top-notch infrastructure that meets the highest standards.

A Balanced Approach

While Rubiales is dedicated to fulfilling the players’ demands, he also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced approach. “We strive to find solutions that prioritize fairness and sustainability for all stakeholders,” he asserts. The RFEF aims to strike a balance between meeting the needs of the players and ensuring the financial stability of the clubs and organizations.


In this exclusive interview, Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation, highlighted his commitment to fulfilling the demands of the players. Through open dialogue, ongoing investment in player welfare, and improvements in working conditions, Rubiales and the RFEF are working diligently to ensure that the players’ voices are heard and their needs are met. This proactive approach demonstrates the federation’s dedication to promoting a more inclusive and player-oriented football culture.

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