Ollie Watkins Shines as Aston Villa Demolish Hibernian 5-0 in Europa Conference League

Ollie Watkins Ollie Watkins Shines as Aston Villa Demolish Hibernian 5-0 in Europa Conference League
Ollie Watkins Shines as Aston Villa Demolish Hibernian 5-0 in Europa Conference League

Ollie Watkins Shines as Aston Villa Demolish Hibernian 5-0 in Europa Conference League


It was a night to remember for Ollie Watkins and Aston Villa as they put on a spectacular display of football in their Europa Conference League match against Hibernian. The English striker stole the show, netting a stunning hat-trick to lead his team to an impressive 5-0 victory. The match not only showcased Watkins’ exceptional talent and skills but also highlighted Aston Villa’s dominance and ambitions in the tournament. Let’s dive into the details of this memorable game and Watkins’ outstanding performance.

Ollie Watkins: The Star of the Show

From the first whistle, it was clear that Ollie Watkins was determined to make his mark on the game. The 25-year-old forward displayed his agility, strength, and clinical finishing throughout the match, leaving the Hibernian defense in shambles. Watkins showcased his ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, making clever runs and exploiting gaps in the opposition’s defense.

A Hat-Trick to Remember

Watkins’ hat-trick was a testament to his exceptional goal-scoring prowess. His first goal came in the 12th minute when he skillfully controlled a cross from the right flank before calmly slotting the ball past the Hibernian goalkeeper. This early breakthrough set the tone for the game and boosted Aston Villa’s confidence.

In the 34th minute, Watkins struck again with a powerful header from a perfectly executed corner kick. His athleticism and positioning allowed him to outmuscle the opposition’s defenders, guiding the ball into the back of the net.

The English striker completed his hat-trick in the 58th minute, showcasing his ability to finish with finesse. Watkins received a through ball from his teammate, evaded multiple defenders, and unleashed a pinpoint shot that left the goalkeeper with no chance. His clinical finishing and composure under pressure were truly impressive.

Aston Villa’s Dominance

While Watkins stole the show, Aston Villa’s performance as a team was exceptional. They controlled the game from start to finish, dominating possession and creating numerous scoring opportunities. The team’s attacking prowess was on full display as they registered a total of five goals against a struggling Hibernian side.

Efficient Midfield and Solid Defense

Aston Villa’s midfield was instrumental in dictating the tempo of the game. The likes of John McGinn, Jack Grealish, and Emi Buendia orchestrated the team’s attacks, showcasing their vision and creativity. Their ability to control the midfield and provide accurate passes allowed Ollie Watkins and the rest of the attacking lineup to shine.

In addition to their attacking prowess, Aston Villa’s defense was rock-solid throughout the game. Led by captain Tyrone Mings, the backline remained composed and organized, thwarting any attempts from Hibernian to break through. This solid defensive display provided a strong foundation for their attacking endeavors.

A Statement of Intent

Aston Villa’s resounding victory over Hibernian was not just a display of their current form but also a statement of their ambitions in the Europa Conference League. With such a dominant performance, they have sent a message to their future opponents that they are a force to be reckoned with. Ollie Watkins’ hat-trick and the team’s five-goal haul will undoubtedly boost their confidence and motivate them to aim for success in the tournament.

Building Momentum

This emphatic win will serve as a foundation for Aston Villa to build on in their upcoming matches. The team’s attacking prowess and solid defense provide them with a strong platform to achieve further victories. As they progress in the tournament, they will be looking to maintain their momentum and continue their winning ways.


Ollie Watkins’ outstanding performance and Aston Villa’s dominant display against Hibernian in the Europa Conference League have left fans and critics in awe. Watkins’ hat-trick and his overall contribution to the team’s success highlights his exceptional abilities as a striker. Aston Villa’s resounding victory not only establishes themselves as contenders in the tournament but also sends a clear message to other teams about their aspirations.

This remarkable win will undoubtedly boost Aston Villa’s confidence and provide them with the momentum they need to continue their success in the Europa Conference League. With Ollie Watkins leading the charge, the team will be aiming for further victories and a deep run in the tournament.


1. How many goals did Ollie Watkins score in the match against Hibernian?

Ollie Watkins scored a fantastic hat-trick in the game, contributing three out of Aston Villa’s five goals.

2. Who were the standout performers for Aston Villa apart from Ollie Watkins?

While Ollie Watkins was the star of the show, other players such as John McGinn, Jack Grealish, and Emi Buendia played significant roles in Aston Villa’s victory. Their contributions in midfield and creation of scoring opportunities were instrumental.

3. Can Aston Villa continue their winning run in the Europa Conference League?

Aston Villa’s dominant performance and strong team spirit certainly give them the potential to continue their winning run in the tournament. With the confidence gained from this victory, they have set a high bar for themselves and will be looking to build on their success.[3]

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