OPINION: Unprecedented Incivility Evident at Election Board. Even Prayers are Not Spared

Incivility OPINION: Unprecedented Incivility Evident at Election Board. Even Prayers are Not Spared
OPINION: Unprecedented Incivility Evident at Election Board. Even Prayers are Not Spared

OPINION: Unprecedented Incivility Evident at Election Board. Even Prayers are Not Spared


The recent elections have brought to light a disturbing trend of unprecedented incivility within the management of the Election Board. The very institution that should serve as the bedrock of ensuring fair and ethical elections has become mired in controversy and misconduct. From heated arguments to personal attacks, the level of incivility among board members has reached new heights. Even prayers, typically a source of solace and unity, have been disrupted by the vitriol present within the Election Board meetings.

The Rise of Incivility

The once-respected Election Board, responsible for upholding democratic values and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process, has sunk to new lows. The toxic environment within the board meetings is palpable, with members openly disrespecting one another and engaging in aggressive behavior. Despite the importance of their roles, the board members seem more interested in serving their personal interests rather than fulfilling their duties.

Infighting and Personal Attacks

One of the most alarming aspects of the incivility within the Election Board is the prevalence of infighting and personal attacks. Rather than engaging in constructive dialogue and working towards common goals, board members have resorted to name-calling and disparaging remarks. This toxic environment not only undermines the functioning of the board but also tarnishes the reputation of the entire electoral process.

Disregard for Basic Principles

The incivility evident within the Election Board extends beyond personal attacks. There has been a blatant disregard for basic principles of fairness, openness, and transparency. Important decisions are being made without proper discussion or consideration of alternative viewpoints. This behavior undermines the core tenets of democracy and erodes public trust in the electoral system.

Unprecedented Disruption of Prayers

Prayers, meant to invoke a sense of unity and civility, have not been spared from the toxic environment within the Election Board. During board meetings, moments of prayer have been interrupted by verbal arguments and disrespectful behavior. This disruption not only shows a lack of respect for different religious beliefs but also demonstrates the complete breakdown of decorum within the board.

The Consequences of Incivility

The incivility seen at the Election Board has far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the confines of its meetings. It undermines public confidence in the electoral process and erodes faith in the very individuals entrusted with upholding democratic principles. Citizens may question the fairness of elections and become disillusioned with the entire system, leading to disengagement and apathy.

Negative Impact on Decision-Making

A toxic and uncivil environment hampers effective decision-making within the Election Board. When board members resort to personal attacks and disregard differing viewpoints, they hinder the ability to reach consensus and make impartial choices. This not only compromises the integrity of the electoral process but also denies citizens the fair representation they deserve.

Erosion of Public Trust

Incivility within the Election Board breeds skepticism among the public. When those in positions of power engage in disrespectful behavior, it becomes difficult for citizens to trust the decisions made and the outcome of the elections. This erosion of public trust not only undermines democracy but also leads to a sense of disillusionment and alienation among the electorate.

The Urgency for Change

The current state of incivility within the Election Board is unacceptable and calls for immediate action. Restoring civility, respect, and professionalism to the board is crucial to ensuring the integrity of the electoral process and the public’s trust in democracy. It is imperative that board members uphold the ethical standards expected of them and work towards a collaborative and constructive environment.

Enhancing Professionalism and Ethics

To address the issue of incivility, the Election Board must prioritize professionalism and ethics. Establishing clear guidelines for respectful communication and behavior can set the tone for civil discourse among board members. Additionally, providing training on conflict resolution, effective decision-making, and cultural sensitivity can help foster a more inclusive and respectful environment.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are essential to restoring public trust in the Election Board. Board members should make their actions and decisions fully transparent to the public, including providing explanations for their choices and seeking input from the community. This level of openness can help rebuild confidence in the electoral process and hold board members accountable for their conduct.


The unprecedented incivility evident at the Election Board is deeply concerning and undermines the very foundation of our democratic process. The toxic environment, characterized by personal attacks and a disregard for basic principles, erodes public trust in the electoral system. It is essential for the board members to prioritize professionalism, respect, and transparency to restore faith in the electoral process and ensure fair and ethical elections for all citizens.

FAQs About Incivility at the Election Board

1. Will the incivility within the Election Board impact the fairness of future elections?

While the incivility within the Election Board is deeply concerning, it is important to separate the behavior of the board members from the overall fairness of future elections. Efforts must be made to address and rectify the incivility, but it does not necessarily mean that the elections themselves will be compromised.

2. How can the public hold the Election Board accountable for their incivility?

The public can hold the Election Board accountable by demanding transparency, participating in public meetings, and voicing concerns about the incivility witnessed. Additionally, citizens can support and advocate for reforms that promote professionalism, ethics, and respectful behavior within the board.

3. Can the Election Board recover from this period of incivility?

Yes, the Election Board can recover from this period of incivility with concerted efforts and a commitment to change. By implementing measures to enhance professionalism, ethics, and transparency, the board can rebuild public trust and restore faith in the integrity of the electoral process. It will require a collective effort from all board members and the support of the community to bring about meaningful change.[3]

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