The Cat Empire’s Line-up Revamp: A Sink or Support for their Ninth LP?

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The Cat Empire’s Line-up Revamp: A Sink or Support for their Ninth LP?

The Cat Empire’s Line-up Revamp: A Sink or Support for their Ninth LP?

The Cat Empire, renowned for their fusion of jazz, funk, and reggae, has long been a favorite among music lovers around the world. With a career spanning over two decades, the Australian band has amassed a loyal fanbase and a strong reputation for their energetic live performances and catchy tunes. However, in a surprising move, the band recently announced a line-up revamp, raising questions about the impact it may have on their upcoming ninth LP.

A Band on the Rise

Since their formation in 1999, The Cat Empire has continually pushed musical boundaries, experimenting with diverse genres and incorporating elements from different cultures into their music. Their unique sound, combined with their infectious stage presence, has earned them a dedicated following and critical acclaim. Each member of the original line-up played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s identity, making the news of any major change a significant event for fans.

A New Chapter Begins

The band’s announcement revealed that Harry James Angus, one of the lead vocalists and trumpet players, would be departing from the group, marking a significant change in their dynamic. Angus has been an integral part of The Cat Empire’s sound, contributing not only his powerful vocals but also his energetic stage presence. The departure of such a key member naturally raises concerns about the future direction of the band.

Experienced Hands Step In

However, The Cat Empire has taken the opportunity to introduce a new member, joining the remaining core members – Felix Riebl, Ollie McGill, Ryan Monro, and Will Hull-Brown. This addition comes in the form of singer and multi-instrumentalist Greazy* Messengaz, whose previous collaborations with the band have showcased his immense talent and versatility. With years of experience in the industry, his inclusion brings a fresh perspective to the band’s creative process.

The Dynamics of Change

Change is inevitable in any artistic endeavor, and while it may initially be met with skepticism, it can often lead to exciting new directions and perspectives. The Cat Empire’s line-up revamp offers an opportunity for the band to explore different sonic territories and push themselves creatively. It is essential for fans to embrace this change and trust that the band’s core essence will remain intact.

The Lies Within the Ninth LP

The true measure of the line-up revamp’s success lies within the forthcoming ninth LP. This album will undoubtedly be a decisive moment for The Cat Empire, showcasing their ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to the spirit that resonates with their fans. With a refreshed line-up and their trademark infectious energy, the band has the potential to deliver another memorable record.


In the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, bands must navigate through different challenges and adapt accordingly. The Cat Empire’s line-up revamp signifies a new chapter in their remarkable journey. While the departure of key members may cause concern, the introduction of fresh talent opens doors for exciting possibilities. Fans, old and new, should welcome this change with open arms, eager to embrace the band’s exploration of new musical horizons. As they gear up for their ninth LP, The Cat Empire’s future looks promising, and their loyal followers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their musical odyssey.

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