Tidey and Black Rejoice as Paris 2024 Qualification is Secured

Paris 2024 Tidey and Black Rejoice as Paris 2024 Qualification is Secured
Tidey and Black Rejoice as Paris 2024 Qualification is Secured

Tidey and Black Rejoice as Paris 2024 Qualification is Secured


The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Paris 2024 Olympics are reaching new heights as athletes from around the world strive to secure their qualification for the prestigious event. Among those celebrating their successful qualification are British sailors Anna Burnet and John Gimson, affectionately known as Tidey and Black. This duo has emerged as a formidable force in the sailing world, and their inclusion in the British sailing team for Paris 2024 is truly a cause for celebration.

Tidey and Black: A Dynamic Partnership

Anna Burnet, commonly known as Tidey, and John Gimson, nicknamed Black, have been a dynamic duo in the sailing world since they joined forces in 2018. With their complementary skills and unwavering determination, they have quickly established themselves as top contenders in the mixed Nacra 17 class.

Rise to Prominence

Tidey and Black’s journey to securing their qualification for Paris 2024 has been nothing short of remarkable. They first burst onto the international scene with a silver medal at the World Cup Series in Miami in 2019, showcasing their talent and potential. Since then, they have consistently impressed with their performances, delivering podium finishes at various competitions.

A Highly Competitive Class

The mixed Nacra 17 class is known for its fiercely competitive nature, with talented sailors from across the globe vying for a spot at the Olympics. Tidey and Black’s ability to navigate through this highly competitive field, emerging as one of the top teams, speaks volumes about their skill, dedication, and resilience.

Qualification Campaign

Securing qualification for the Olympics is a rigorous process that requires consistent success over a significant period. Tidey and Black embarked on their qualification campaign with unwavering focus and determination, competing in numerous events around the world to accumulate the necessary points.

World Cup Success

One of the highlights of Tidey and Black’s qualification journey was their success at the Hempel World Cup Series. They showcased their dominance and tactical prowess, clinching several medals and solidifying their position as frontrunners in the Nacra 17 class.

Learning from Setbacks

Like any journey, Tidey and Black’s path to qualification was not without its challenges. They encountered setbacks and disappointments along the way, but they used these experiences as opportunities for growth and improvement. Their ability to bounce back from adversity is a testament to their mental fortitude and determination.

Preparing for Paris 2024

With their qualification secured, Tidey and Black are now fully focused on preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics. This involves rigorous training sessions, meticulous strategizing, and maximizing their physical and mental fitness. The pair understands the significance of the Olympics and is willing to go above and beyond to represent their country with pride.

A New Chapter in Their Journey

The Paris 2024 Olympics represent a new chapter in Tidey and Black’s sailing careers. It is an opportunity for them to showcase their skills on the grandest stage and compete against the very best in the world. The experience gained from the qualification process will undoubtedly serve as a valuable asset as they embark on this new adventure.

Embracing the Olympic Spirit

Tidey and Black are not just exceptional athletes; they also embody the true essence of the Olympic spirit. Their passion for the sport, dedication to their craft, and respect for their competitors are qualities that reflect the values upheld by the Olympics. They are not only focused on personal success but also on promoting the sport and inspiring future generations of sailors.

The Excitement Builds

As the Paris 2024 Olympics draw closer, the excitement among sailing enthusiasts and fans of Tidey and Black continues to build. The anticipation of witnessing their extraordinary sailing skills on display at this prestigious event is palpable. British sailing fans, in particular, are eagerly awaiting their heroes’ performances, hoping for memorable moments and medal-winning performances.

A New Generation of Sailors

Tidey and Black’s qualification for Paris 2024 also serves as an inspiration to a new generation of sailors. Their success highlights the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the world of competitive sailing, motivating aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams and conquer new heights.

Unwavering Support

To achieve their goals, Tidey and Black rely not only on their own skills and abilities but also on the support of their team, sponsors, and fans. They have a loyal following that has rallied behind them throughout their qualifying campaign, providing unwavering support and cheering them on every step of the way.


The qualification of Tidey and Black for the Paris 2024 Olympics is a significant milestone in their sailing careers. It is a testament to their skill, determination, and resilience, and the result of years of hard work and dedication. As they prepare for the grand event, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of a nation, representing not only themselves but also the entire British sailing community. The world eagerly awaits their performances in Paris, ready to witness their prowess and celebrate their achievements.


1. How did Tidey and Black secure their qualification for Paris 2024?

Tidey and Black secured their qualification for Paris 2024 through consistent success and impressive performances in the mixed Nacra 17 class. They competed in numerous events around the world, accumulating the necessary points to secure their spot at the Olympics.

2. What challenges did Tidey and Black face during their qualification campaign?

Tidey and Black encountered setbacks and disappointments during their qualification campaign. However, they used these experiences as opportunities for growth and improvement, demonstrating their resilience and determination.

3. What can we expect from Tidey and Black at the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Tidey and Black are poised to deliver remarkable performances at the Paris 2024 Olympics. With their exceptional skill, tactical prowess, and unwavering focus, they are strong contenders for a podium finish. Sailing enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly anticipate witnessing their extraordinary talent on display at the prestigious event.[3]

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