How Dubois Trade Strengthened Jets’ Case in Hellebuyck’s Re-Signing Decision in Bowness

Dubois trade How Dubois Trade Strengthened Jets
How Dubois Trade Strengthened Jets’ Case in Hellebuyck’s Re-Signing Decision in Bowness

How the Dubois Trade Strengthened the Jets’ Case in Hellebuyck’s Re-Signing Decision in Bowness

The Dubois Trade and Its Impact on the Jets

The Winnipeg Jets made headlines when they acquired Pierre-Luc Dubois from the Columbus Blue Jackets in a blockbuster trade. The move not only addressed the Jets’ need for a top-line center but also had a significant impact on the team’s overall dynamics. One player who was particularly affected by this trade was goaltender Connor Hellebuyck, who had a crucial decision to make regarding his contract extension with the Jets. In this article, we will explore how the Dubois trade strengthened the Jets’ case in Hellebuyck’s re-signing decision in Bowness.

The Need for a Top-Line Center

For years, the Jets had been searching for a reliable and skilled top-line center to complement their talented group of wingers. With the arrival of Pierre-Luc Dubois, they finally found the missing piece to their offensive puzzle. Dubois’ arrival not only provided the team with a skilled playmaker but also added depth and versatility to their forward lines. His ability to create scoring opportunities and contribute defensively made him an instant asset to the Jets.

Enhanced Offensive Capabilities

With Dubois joining the fold, the Jets’ offense received a significant boost. Dubois’ playmaking abilities and vision on the ice opened up new opportunities for his linemates, allowing them to generate more scoring chances. This enhanced offensive potential directly impacted Hellebuyck’s decision-making process, as he would now be playing behind a team with improved offensive capabilities. Having a potent offense in front of him would undoubtedly increase his chances of winning games and achieving personal success.

Increase in Team Depth

The addition of Dubois not only improved the Jets’ top line but also strengthened their overall roster depth. This meant that Hellebuyck would be supported by a more balanced team, with capable forwards and defensemen who could contribute in both ends of the ice. This increase in team depth not only decreased the workload on Hellebuyck but also provided him with a sense of confidence in the team’s ability to compete at a higher level.

Hellebuyck’s Contract Extension Decision

As the Jets’ starting goaltender, Connor Hellebuyck had been a crucial part of the team’s success in recent years. His outstanding performances and numerous accolades had established him as one of the top goaltenders in the NHL. Heading into the final year of his contract, Hellebuyck had a decision to make regarding his future with the team.

Implications of the Dubois Trade

The acquisition of Pierre-Luc Dubois had a profound impact on Hellebuyck’s decision-making process. The addition of a top-line center like Dubois not only signaled the Jets’ commitment to improving their roster but also suggested that they were serious about contending for a Stanley Cup. This commitment to success aligned with Hellebuyck’s own aspirations as a player, making it more enticing for him to commit to a contract extension.

Stability and Long-Term Goals

Another important factor that the Dubois trade brought to the table was stability. With Dubois locked in as the team’s top-line center, the Jets had solidified a crucial position in their lineup for years to come. This stability resonated with Hellebuyck, who values consistency and the opportunity to compete for championships. The presence of Dubois gave him confidence in the team’s long-term goals and their ability to build a sustainable winning culture.

Competitive Environment

As a highly competitive individual, Hellebuyck thrived in an environment where everyone was working towards a common goal. The Dubois trade not only added a talented player to the roster but also elevated the level of competition within the team. The presence of Dubois, along with the Jets’ existing core of skilled players, created a highly competitive environment that motivated Hellebuyck to stay and continue his pursuit of success with the team.

Bowness: The Perfect Fit for Hellebuyck

The final piece of the puzzle in Hellebuyck’s re-signing decision was the arrival of head coach Rick Bowness. Bowness brought a wealth of experience and a proven track record of developing goaltenders. His coaching philosophy and communication style resonated with Hellebuyck, making him even more inclined to commit his long-term future to the Jets.

Goaltending Development and Support

Under Bowness’ guidance, Hellebuyck would have the opportunity to further develop his skills and refine his game. Bowness’ experience working with elite goaltenders in the past, combined with his ability to communicate and provide valuable feedback, made him an ideal coach for Hellebuyck’s continued growth. The presence of Bowness ensured that Hellebuyck would receive the necessary support and guidance to reach his full potential.

Trust and Belief in the Coach

Trust and belief in a coach are essential for any player, especially a goaltender. Hellebuyck’s familiarity and admiration for Bowness played a significant role in his decision to re-sign with the Jets. The relationship between a goaltender and coach is unique and requires open communication and mutual respect. Hellebuyck believed that Bowness had the knowledge and understanding of the position to help him succeed, further solidifying his decision to commit to the team.

Opportunity for Success

With the Dubois trade and the arrival of Bowness, Hellebuyck saw a clear path to success with the Jets. The team had improved its roster, addressed key needs, and brought in a coach who could maximize the potential of the players, especially the goaltenders. Hellebuyck valued the opportunity to compete for championships and felt that the Jets, with their newfound depth and coaching personnel, provided him with the best chance to achieve his goals.


The Dubois trade not only strengthened the Jets’ roster but also played a vital role in persuading goaltender Connor Hellebuyck to re-sign with the team. The addition of a top-line center, increased team depth, and the arrival of head coach Rick Bowness all contributed to Hellebuyck’s decision-making process. Together, these factors created a compelling case for Hellebuyck to commit to the Jets and continue his pursuit of success in Winnipeg.[2]

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