Jeux de 2026 | La construction de la piste de bobsleigh à Cortina reçoit le feu vert

La construction Jeux de 2026 | La construction de la piste de bobsleigh à Cortina reçoit le feu vert
Jeux de 2026 | La construction de la piste de bobsleigh à Cortina reçoit le feu vert

Jeux de 2026 | La construction de la piste de bobsleigh à Cortina reçoit le feu vert


The 2026 Winter Olympics in Cortina, Italy is set to feature an exciting array of sports, including bobsleigh. With the recent approval of the construction of the bobsleigh track, preparations for the event are well underway. This article will explore the significance of this development and the impact it will have on the upcoming Games.

The Importance of a Bobsleigh Track

A bobsleigh track is an essential component of any Winter Olympics. It provides a dedicated and safe venue for bobsleigh athletes to compete and showcase their skills. The track design plays a crucial role in ensuring fair competition and thrilling races that captivate audiences worldwide.

Approval for the Construction in Cortina

The construction of the bobsleigh track in Cortina has recently received the green light. This means that the necessary permits and funding have been secured, allowing the building process to commence. The approval of this project is a significant milestone for the organisers of the 2026 Winter Olympics, as it marks a crucial step towards the successful execution of the Games.

Challenges in Building the Track

Constructing a bobsleigh track is a complex task that requires careful planning and execution. Several challenges need to be addressed to ensure the track meets international standards and provides a fair platform for competition. These challenges include:

1. Terrain and Environmental Considerations

The chosen location for the track must have suitable terrain to accommodate the necessary twists, turns, and gradients. Environmental factors, such as soil stability and local wildlife preservation, also need to be taken into account during the construction process.

2. Safety Measures

Safety is paramount when designing a bobsleigh track. The track must incorporate sufficient safety measures, such as protective barriers and run-off areas, to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

3. Technical Specifications

A bobsleigh track must adhere to specific technical specifications to ensure fair competition. This includes accurate measurements, precise angles, and carefully engineered corners that challenge the athletes while maintaining a level playing field.

Benefits of the Bobsleigh Track in Cortina

With the construction of the bobsleigh track in Cortina, the 2026 Winter Olympics are set to gain several benefits:

1. Enhanced Athlete Experience

A dedicated bobsleigh track ensures that athletes have an optimal environment to showcase their abilities and compete at their best. The track in Cortina will provide a challenging and memorable experience for participants, elevating the overall quality of the competition.

2. Tourism and Economic Impact

The presence of a bobsleigh track in Cortina will attract visitors and spectators from around the world, boosting tourism and the local economy. The Winter Olympics are a significant international event that brings attention and revenue to the host city, benefiting various industries.

3. Sporting Legacy

Once the Games are over, the bobsleigh track will leave a lasting legacy for the local community. It can be repurposed for future sporting events, training sessions, and recreational purposes, promoting physical activity and fostering a passion for winter sports.


The approval for the construction of the bobsleigh track in Cortina is a momentous occasion for the 2026 Winter Olympics. Not only does it ensure the successful staging of the bobsleigh competition, but it also brings numerous benefits to the host city and the overall event. As preparations continue, the excitement for the Games is building, and all eyes will be on Cortina as it showcases world-class winter sports.


Q: Will the construction of the bobsleigh track impact the local environment?

A: The construction process will take into account environmental considerations to minimize any negative impact on the local environment. Efforts will be made to preserve the natural landscape and ensure sustainability.

Q: How long does it take to construct a bobsleigh track?

A: The duration of construction can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the design, available resources, and weather conditions. On average, it can take several months to a year to complete a bobsleigh track.

Q: Can the bobsleigh track in Cortina be used beyond the Winter Olympics?

A: Yes, the bobsleigh track can have a lasting legacy and be utilized for various purposes after the Games. It can serve as a venue for training, competitions, and recreational activities, promoting the development of winter sports in the local community.


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