Professional Jockeys Association Raises Concerns Over Racecourse Sauna Removal

Racecourse Professional Jockeys Association Raises Concerns Over Racecourse Sauna Removal
Professional Jockeys Association Raises Concerns Over Racecourse Sauna Removal

Professional Jockeys Association Raises Concerns Over Racecourse Sauna Removal

Racecourses are not just about the thrill of the races; they are also equipped with various amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of jockeys. One such amenity is the sauna, which has been a staple for jockeys for many years. However, the Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) has recently raised concerns over the removal of saunas in racecourses, citing potential negative consequences for the well-being and performance of jockeys.

The Importance of Saunas for Jockeys

Saunas have long been used by jockeys as a way to lose weight quickly before races. With strict weight restrictions imposed on jockeys, the ability to shed a few pounds can make a significant difference in their chances of success. Saunas help jockeys sweat out excess water weight, making it easier for them to reach the required weight for their mounts.

However, saunas provide more than just a means for weight loss. They also offer jockeys a chance to relax and unwind after demanding races. The hot steam helps alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness, promoting faster recovery and reducing the risk of injuries. Saunas also offer a mental escape for jockeys, allowing them to destress and refocus before the next race.

Racecourse Sauna Removal: PJA Concerns

The PJA has expressed concerns over the removal of saunas at racecourses, stating that it could have adverse effects on jockeys’ physical and mental well-being. They argue that removing saunas could lead to increased injury rates among jockeys due to the inability to effectively recover and relax their muscles after races.

Moreover, the PJA highlights the potential impact on jockeys’ mental health. Racing is not only physically demanding but also mentally taxing. Jockeys face a significant amount of pressure to perform, and saunas offer them a valuable space for relaxation and stress relief. Removing this important amenity could add to the already high levels of stress experienced by jockeys.

Proposed Solutions

Recognizing the importance of saunas for jockeys, the PJA is urging racecourses to reconsider their decision to remove this facility. They suggest alternative solutions that could address any concerns racecourses may have while still accommodating the needs of jockeys.

One proposal is to implement stricter weight monitoring systems that would reduce the need for jockeys to rely heavily on saunas for weight loss. By closely monitoring their weight throughout the racing season, jockeys could maintain a more consistent weight, eliminating the need for drastic weight loss measures.

Another suggestion is to provide alternative relaxation facilities, such as hot tubs or jacuzzis, that offer similar benefits to saunas. These amenities would allow jockeys to relax their muscles and unwind after races while still adhering to any safety concerns raised by racecourses.


The removal of saunas at racecourses has raised concerns within the Professional Jockeys Association. They argue that saunas are essential for jockeys’ physical recovery and mental well-being. The PJA proposes alternative solutions, such as stricter weight monitoring and the provision of alternative relaxation facilities, to address any concerns raised by racecourses while still accommodating the needs of jockeys.

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